Betting Systems to Include in Your Game

Betting Systems to Include in Your Game

While online betting, in general, is a game of chance, how you choose to go about it isn’t. Contrary to popular belief, the decision-making process of deciding who you should bet on is more structured than it is, and it is not always a game of chance.

And this is done using betting systems. A betting system is a method of using your bankroll strategically to make a profit.

By employing one of the betting systems that capture your attention, you will have to either increase or decrease the number of your bets. And that depends on whether you win or lose each time you bet, which relies on whether you are using a positive or negative betting system.

We will go through the positive progressive betting system and its counterpart and what they both comprise.

The Types of Betting Systems and How Each Benefits You-1

Progressive Betting: Positive

Generally touted as the safer option among the two for use in a betting session, the progressive system involves players raising their bets every time they have won and decreasing their bet size once they have lost.

The positive progression system is generally harmless; however, it does not guarantee a win in every game you play. For example, if you decide to place an RM10 bet in Blackjack and happen to lose, then you will have to decrease your bet rather than increase it. But if you win, then you can follow a positive betting strategy and stake more to raise the bet.

What is the Theory Behind the Positive Progressive Betting System?

The positive progressive system suggests that it can help the player maximise profits if they are experiencing a winning streak.

Moreover, using one of the many positive progressive betting systems will help you cut your losses when you’re experiencing a losing streak.

The Types of Positive Progressive Betting System

Now that we have covered the fundamentals of a positive progressive betting system, we will explore what it entails.

1.The Paroli System​​

The Paroli System​​

This is a tried and tested system that is supposed to increase a player’s profits by allowing them to increase their chances of winning by taking advantage of a winning streak.

Originating 100 years ago in Monte Carlo, the Paroli system stresses consistent small wins that add up to mitigate huge risks of loss.

It runs on the premise that both wins, and losses come in streaks, with the assumption that players can maximise their profits first by wagering a high amount during winning streaks and then decreasing their stake during losing streaks.

Moreover, the Paroli betting system guarantees that at most only a single unit is risked during the betting process. This is because larger bets are made possible by the sum of smaller units that are won from the house.

In essence, whenever a series of three wins occurs, the profit is seven units; covering any small losses that have been made over the betting period.

How to Use?

Here are some simple rules to using the Paroli system:

Rule 1: Confirm Your Base Stake

To use this betting strategy effectively, there must be a fixed base stake, also known as one unit. And what you decide to put as your base stake should depend on how big your bankroll is. Assuming your bankroll is only RM500, then it makes no sense to have RM50 as your base stake.

Instead, choose a stake of RM5 or RM10 depending on what the minimum betting amount is given to you. But if you are a high roller, then you can easily go up to a stake of up to RM50 or RM100 if your bankroll is RM10,000 for example.

Rule 2: Double Up After Each Win

Once you start getting a winning streak, you should then double up your bets. Thus, if you have chosen a base stake of RM10, then your next bet should be RM20. Also, once you have managed to acquire another win, you should double the stake once more to RM40.

Rule 3: Stop Raising Your Stake After Three Consecutive Limits

The moment you hit three consecutive wins; you should stop doubling your bets. Stick to your original betting amount.

Rule 4: Bet Your Base Stake After Losing

Once you lose your bet, always fall back to your original betting amount, and start from there again.

2.The Reverse D’Alembert System

The Reverse D’Alembert System

This system, also known as the Contra D’Alembert betting system, draws inspiration from its original counterpart, but it is the opposite in nature. Created by genius mathematician Jean Le Rond D’Alembert, his system relies on the balance of successes and failures done over a series of events whilst a player is enjoying their game of choice.

It ultimately relies on the ‘Law of Equilibrium’, and like the Paroli system above, the premise is to reduce the amount of money risked while providing the potential to earn huge profits—provided lady luck is sitting right next to you.

It is an accessible strategy that can be employed by anyone with a large or small bankroll and is typically used in many online casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack, and Craps.

How to Use?

There are four simple rules to using the Reverse D’Alembert System:

If you’ve never used this betting method before, have no fear as we’ve broken down the rules for you.

Rule 1- Determine Your Base Stake
To be safe, allocate about two to five per cent of the amount of money you are prepared to lose for each betting session.

Rule 2 – Begin Your Bets with One Unit
With this system, begin your bets with just one base unit first. E.g., if your first bet has an RM10 base stake, then you should bet this initially.

Rule 3 – Only Increase Bets After a Win
If your base stake was RM10, then double it to RM20. Win for three more consecutive bets, then you should increase your bets by half, e.g., RM 20 to RM35.

Rule 4 – Reduce Your Stake After a Loss
Once you have lost your bet, the size of your bet should decrease to RM10 assuming your stake was RM15. Should you still lose, your bet would remain the same as your basic stake for the next bet.

Should You Use a Positive Progressive Betting System?

The concept behind using a positive progressive betting system when staking your online bets seems highly promising. Conceptually, you will be able to win a lot of money when you are on a winning streak, even though it is not guaranteed that you will be able to have one, so avoid relying on it too much. However, this is still one of the safer systems for use in online betting.

Progressive Betting: Negative

Essentially, a negative progression betting system is the direct opposite of a positive progressive betting system. In essence, players will be required to raise their stakes when they lose and decrease their bets when they are winning. For example, if you place a bet of RM10 while playing Blackjack and happen to lose, then you will have to increase your stake. But if you win, you will have to decrease your stake.

What is the Theory Behind the Negative Progressive Betting System?

The negative progression system believes that you are bound to gain a win eventually and the earnings from that one win will be able to compensate for your earlier losses and still earn you enough winnings to generate an overall profit.

The Types of Negative Progressive Betting System

Let’s explore the types of negative progressive betting systems, beginning with the Martingale System.

1.The Martingale System

The Martingale System

As one of the oldest betting systems, this system works on the premise where the player is required to double their bets after each loss, making it easy to calculate progressions. However, when a player achieves a win, they are required to bet their base stake instead.

The principal behind said system draws on the Gambler’s Fallacy—the assumption that an event will most likely occur because it has not occurred in a while. It is this exact reason that this system requires players to double their bets when amid a losing streak to regain what they have lost.

Its tell-tale characteristic of aggressive loss chasing is why it is categorised under the negative rather than positive progression betting systems.

How To Use?

Rule 1- Double Up Each Time You Lose

If you bet RM5 and lose, then you will have to bet RM10 the next time. And if you lose again, you are required to bet RM20. In a game of four rounds where there are three losses, the player will still come out ahead. (Player bets RM5 and loses -RM5, then bets RM10 and loses, -RM15, then bets RM20 and loses -RM35, then bets RM40 and wins RM5).

Rule 2: When You Win, Stand by Your Base Stake

Each time you experience a win, players just need to bet their base stake. If your stake is RM10, then you will have to bet this amount the next round.

2.The D’Alembert Betting System

The D’Alembert System

Typically known as the pyramid system that rests on the principles of equilibrium, it suggests that you are more likely to win after a loss; a system applied to even-money bets and is favoured by players who want to keep their betting stake to a minimum.

How To Use?

Follow the rules below to learn how this accessible system works.

Rule 1: Set Your Base Stake

Allocate one to five per cent of your bankroll as your base stake. But if you wish to go up to five per cent, you can do that if your bankroll is large enough.

Rule 2: Begin Betting with Only One Unit

If your base unit is RM5, then stick with that. If it is RM10, go with that. You must bet only one base unit when you begin betting.

Rule 3: Increase Bets Only One Unit After a Loss
If you started with RM5, you should double it to RM10. Unless you lose again, raise the bets to RM15, etc.

Rule 4: Decrease Bets by One Unit after a Loss

If you achieve a win with RM15, then you should decrease your next bet to RM10 if your base stake is RM5.

Should You Use a Negative Progressive Betting System?

Although the purported gains from using a negative progression system might be tempting, you should avoid using it whenever you bet online. This is because the negative progression betting system is inherently flawed. After all, there is no guarantee that a losing streak will come to an end. For example, in a game of Roulette, players might think that if the ball has landed on red five times, the next outcome will surely be black.

However, this is a fallacy because each outcome within a game of Roulette is independent of one another—it is a game of chance where it is impossible to predict the outcome. Despite this, players should also consider a win but also remember to avoid using a negative progression system unless they have an infinite bankroll—unless you are a high roller.

So what will happen if you decide to use a negative progression system? Even though it is technically possible to walk away with a bigger amount than when you started with, generally it is difficult to end up with a profit. This is because there will always be a house edge when playing casino games, losing a huge portion of your stake to the house, or breaking even.

Betting Systems in General

As one of the main goals for every player is to beat the house, betting systems will never be able to improve the odds in your favour. This is because many casinos are designed around chance and incorporate minimal strategy, which ultimately means that each outcome is independent of one another no matter what—never play casino games with the notion that you can beat the house using a betting system.

However, incorporating a betting system into your gameplay will make your approach more systematic for players who prefer a structured approach to betting. And for players with a bigger bankroll, incorporating a betting system can help you cover your losses and gain a profit in a much more systemised fashion.

Gender Gambling skills, money management skills and self-control are all important factors in responsible gambling. However, research has shown that there are gender differences in how men and women approach gambling.

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